Property Registration

The property registration is “Full Title” and transferable with 1/81th undivided share in the remainder of the ±291 hectares, i.e. each owner automatically has a 1/81th ownership of LNR (Erf 1032). On transfer of erven, owners or their estate agents or new buyers are expected to request clearance figures from the Managing Agent, Martinique, so that there are no outstanding levies on transfer.

L’Agulhas Nature Reserve is zoned for Zone II: Resort purposes in terms of the Zoning Certificate issued from Cape Agulhas Municipality.  The Municipality charges individual owners annual rates based on ground and building valuations and erf size, and these are amended from time to time.

Transfer of Erven

Before transfer of erven, owners or their estate agents or new buyers are expected to request a Clearance Certificate from the Managing Agent, Martinique so that there are no outstanding levies on transfer. A small fee will be charged for issuing this certificate.

As an alternative, owners or their agents may use a Memorandum of Agreement for the Payment of Outstanding Levies as shown below. This presumes that levies are paid to date and the purchaser agrees to pay levies instead of the seller from a certain point onwards.

Monthly levies and services

All landowners, being automatically members of the HOA in terms of the L’Agulhas Nature Reserve Constitution, are obliged to pay monthly levies. The L’Agulhas Nature Reserve Home Owners’ Association (LNR-HOA) determines the levies at the Annual General Meeting.

The 2016 levy is R910 per month per erf, payable monthly in advance. Special levies may also be raised as necessary for strategic projects. The LNR-HOA authorises the corresponding budget and the actual expenditure of these funds is managed and controlled by Exco.

The stands are fully serviced; they have electricity connection points and tarred roads (as well as gravel roads). Water is supplied from a borehole (owned and managed by the HOA) to each stand. As is the case with most areas served by the Cape Agulhas Municipality (CAM), a conservancy tank has to be provided for each house. There is a long term project to install a mains sewage system for Struisbaai, to which it is believed L’Agulhas Nature Reserve will eventually be connected. CAM collects refuse from a central point near the main gate of  L’Agulhas Nature Reserve.

Building restrictions

Part of the exclusive L’Agulhas Nature Reserve value is that we reflect a specific collective building style, which has its own aesthetic appeal. Specific design parameters, duly approved by CAM, have to be complied with. A refundable building deposit has to be paid before building commences, the amount refunded being dependent on any damages done whilst building.
There are currently no time restrictions for erection of new buildings. In a strategic planning questionnaire response, the feedback from HOA Members was overwhelmingly in favour (87%) of there being no building time restrictions.

Access Control

 Access to L’Agulhas Nature Reserve is controlled by a stainless steel Main Gate which is motorized. There is a key pad on a gooseneck pole at the Main Gate and all HOA Members that request access codes are provided with these. A similar code also needs to be put in on another key pad at the gate when exiting L’Agulhas Nature Reserve. A limited number of remotes are available to permanent residents, those paying a monthly fee to L’Agulhas Nature Reserve for use of the facilities, local authorities (CAM), security organisations, SA Police, etc, at the discretion of the Site Supervisor.  There is also a farm gate adjacent to the Main Gate with chain and lock which can be used for emergency purposes, builders, etc. Keys for the farm gate are provided to all permanent residents and others at the discretion of the Site Supervisor.

All those wanting to access the property are required to sign a Gate Registration and Indemnity Form.  This form can be printed, scanned and  then emailed to or may be obtained from the Site Supervisor directly.


Erven identifcation

Energy efficiency