Part of the exclusive L’Agulhas Nature Reserve value is that we reflect a specific collective building style, which has its own aesthetic appeal. Specific design parameters, duly approved by CAM, have to be complied with. A refundable building deposit has to be paid before building commences, the amount refunded being dependent on any damages done whilst building.
There are currently no time restrictions for erection of new buildings. In a strategic planning questionnaire response, the feedback from HOA Members was overwhelmingly in favour (87%) of there being no building time restrictions.


Information on Builders, Project Management, Architects

Below is a list of contractors for information purposes only.  Please note the Home Owners association does not recommend nor imply preference for any person or company on this list. Use of persons or a company on this list is purely at the individual owner’s discretion.

JRW Home Improvements

JRW Home Improvements combines the skills and experience of Jan Shepherd Carpentry, Roelof  Gouws of R & R Construction plumbers and electricians and William Eliot of L’Agulhas Construction Management Services as Project Manager. Together they  bring 75 years of Building Construction expertise to a project.

They are NHBRC registered to undertake new house construction. The services offered are General Project Management , construction and maintenance including, but not limited to Thatching, Plumbing, all Electrical work including the inspection and issuing of COC’s, all types of Carpentry including built in cupboards, decks, doors etc.

JRW Home Improvements are flexible in their approach and are able to tailor their services to the client’s needs. Please contact William Eliot on 082 854 6276