The total size of the L’Agulhas Nature Reserve is about 291 hectares. There are only 81 stands, 80 measuring 300 m² and one of 1 hectare. Buildings may be erected all the way up to the erf boundary. The position of each stand was carefully determined to complement the aesthetic value of L’Agulhas Nature Reserve and to provide each owner with optimal views of the sea and the surrounding splendour, while also preserving the scarce limestone fynbos found in only a few small areas in the world. Understandably, CapeNature were also involved in the development of L’Agulhas Nature Reserve.

The L’Agulhas Nature Reserve Home Owners’ Association (LNR-HOA) is an Association established in terms of Section 29 of the Land Use Planning Ordinance (LUPO), No 15 of 1985 (‘the Act’) as amended. The legal status of the HOA is thus enshrined in and supported by the Act.

In terms of its Constitution signed in 1998, all landowners in L’Agulhas Nature Reserve are automatically Members of the LNR-HOA. An Executive Committee (Exco) is elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Exco is responsible for managing L’Agulhas Nature Reserve ably supported by a Managing Agent, Martinique (based in Wierda Park, Centurion) and local site staff. Each year Exco updates a 5 year Business Plan for LNR originally established with input being provided by Members via a Strategic Planning Questionnaire. This has enabled the identification of strategies relating to the positioning of LNR for the years that lie ahead and the optimum use of its resources, together with the prioritisation of strategic projects.

Thus overall management of L’Agulhas Nature Reserve is governed by the Constitution, the 5 year Business Plan as well as House Rules.