Our staff have found that the New Holland 55 kW, 4 wheel drive tractor a pleasure to use in the tough terrain in the Reserve. This was acquired in October 2016 after the old Fiat tractor suddenly broke down. The trailer has also been modified appropriately. Supervision of the 2 full time staff, John and Michael, by HOA Member Anton Burger has improved their motivation and productivity very considerably. Casual staff are hired only as necessary on a project basis.

The interesting photo below of the skydiver above the Reserve shows the magnificence of the coastline available to us at the Southernmost Tip of Africa and its surrounds. The stretch of beach from Struisbaai towards Arniston as shown in the photo is the largest unobstructed white sand beach in the southern hemisphere. Zoetendalsvlei can also be seen – this exits to the sea via the Heuningnes River at the de Mond Nature Reserve between Struisbaai and Arniston.

The magnificent winter sunrises and sunsets during 2017 have remained an important feature of the Reserve.

At the Struisbaai harbour, Parrie the resident stingray is a great attraction for visitors, but few seem to be aware that they need to be careful of the stinger – a sharp spine with barbs! Initially lured to the Struisbaai harbour because of the morsels thrown overboard by returning fisherman, Parrie has now been a regular for several years and has grown so accustomed to the locals that he can be approached by people to be fed. He is in fact a very friendly creature that has become both a tourist attraction and something of a town mascot. He even has his own “Parrie the Stingray” Facebook page!

The magnificent tidal pool in L’Agulhas, one of the biggest in the country, is very popular particular in the summer season with its warm Indian Ocean water (temperatures can rise at times to 25⁰C in the shallows in the month of February). Checking for bluebottles (very dependent on winds and tides) before swimming is always advisable. It is also popular as a venue as part of the local school’s (and interschools’) triathalon. But be careful of the slippery steps at the entrance!

Reflections at the tidal pool with Cape Agulhas lighthouse in background

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