During 2016 the wall at the main gate had a new coat of paint with the colour now in line with Agulhas stone and thus our design parameters instead of the previous ochre colour. Due to wear, the rack for the gear on the gate motor was replaced during August with an improved quality version and heavy duty wheels were added as well. The keypads were also serviced. It is anticipated that this should postion us favourably for the heavier traffic access that we usually experience during the summer season.

A circular paddock exists next to the barn/store where horse owners and their children can practice their riding skills. The horses, owned by those who rent our stables, are also frequently seen in the vicinity of the houses. They are very friendly and like to visit the residents in the Reserve.

sunset1Sometimes the Reserve is engulfed in a damp sea mist (probably good for the fynbos) for many hours when there is no wind early in the morning. It then warms up rapidly, in particular during spring mornings.

Sunrises and sunsets, with their twilight hues, continue to be a most magnificent feature of the Reserve at all times of the year. “There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same” – Carlos Santana. Clean air (a feature of our L’Agulhas area) is, in fact, the main ingredient common to brightly coloured sunrises and sunsets.sunset

The photos in this newsletter have been taken mainly by just one enthusiastic HOA Member. All our Homeowners are invited to make a contribution to the newsletter by way of articles or photographs that may be of interest to our membership. A similar invitation is extended to those that may wish to contribute their skills on a voluntary basis to any area that may be of benefit to the Reserve. The projects/initiatives on our 2016 – 2020 Business Plan on the Members Section of our website (www.lagulhas.co.za) exceed our capacity to implement them.

ship_sunsetRegarding local places of interest, the wreck of the Meisho Maru can be a magnificent sight under certain light conditions (see photo). This was a Japanese trawler that ran aground in thick mist a few kilometres west of the Cape Agulhas lighthouse on 16 November 1982. It makes an ideal spot for a sunset sundowner. The ship finally broke apart a few years ago, but the prow can still be seen – the ocean will eventually claim even that as well. The crew could not have picked a more beautiful piece of South African coastline on which to run aground!

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